Trouble Shooting sessions

‘Trouble Shooting’ (no pun intended) sessions are a single one-to-one 2hr session with me where I work with you to address any one particular issue or challenge that you may be facing with your photography.

Recent examples of ‘trouble shooting’ themes include:

1. Getting blurry pictures and not knowing why

2. The best settings for sports photography

3. Which auto mode does what and when to use them

4. ISO settings – when to use 200 ISO and when to use 6,400 ISO and when to just put it on Auto

5. Depth of field – ‘I want a blurry background’

6. Raw or Jpeg or both and what’s the difference

7. Out of focus pictures

8. Why don’t my pictures look like that!?

9. Thinking of buying new equipment and want advice

10. How do ‘Layers’ and ‘Masks’ work in Photoshop?

11. My indoor flash photography pictures look dreadful!

It’s also worth noting that where applicable you can choose any single 2hr ‘session’ from my other courses to take as a ‘trouble shooting’ session.

Each ‘Trouble Shooting’ session is a single 2hr session with me and costs £65.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo


Thanks for the session today Drew, it was a real eye opener as to what a difference back button focussing can make. Am hoping it proves to be a step change for me –fingers crossed!

Karen Wyer