The Basic Course

In my ‘Basics Photography Course’ I guide you through the basic functions of your camera settings to allow you to start creating better pictures and understand just what all those strange knobs and buttons on your camera are for.

This course is for you if you are:

1. new to photography or just new to digital photography

2. frustrated by f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO settings and wants to know what they all do

3. getting worse shots with your DSLR camera than your old point-and-shoot or phone camera

4. keen to get off the Auto settings and understand how Manual mode works

5. now ready to take your photography to the next level

What you will be taught on this course?

1. The basic camera settings Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO settings

2. How to take in focus (sharp) pictures Focus points, f-stops, Manual and Auto Focus, Shutter Speed

3. Depth of field and how to use it, f-stops and depth of field as a creative tool, and subject separation

4. How to photograph fast moving subjects (sports, birds in flight, grandchildren on bikes, etc.) Shutter Speeds and Focus Points, zoom and telephoto lenses, ‘Continuous’ shoot mode, frames per second, monopods

5. How to photograph stationary subjects (still life, landscapes etc.) Shutter Speeds and Focus Points, Depth of Field and sharpness, focal lengths, tripods

6. Understanding composition; 'Rule of Thirds', 'Leading Lines', backgrounds, distance, angles, viewpoint, colours, cropping

7. Using light correctly and creatively; natural light, artificial light, ND filters, low light situations

8. Basic post production of your images; Raw vs Jpeg, White Balance, colour balance, sharpening, enhancing your images

9. The Black &White assignment; Seeing and composing in black & white, post processing black & white images

10. ‘Make Me Care’ assignment; Taking pictures that make the viewer care about what you’ve shot and telling a story with your images

11. Automatic modes; Exploring the cameras automatic modes

Each session is 2hrs long and costs £40 in a group of 4 or less or £60 for private tuition.