Post Processing - Drew-Smith

Post Processing Course

My ‘Post Processing’ course will show you how to enhance your images using Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Lightroom and other software applications.

This post processing course isn’t about ‘saving’ bad pictures, rather it’s about taking a good picture and making it look even better.

It will show you how to develop a ‘work-flow’ and how to batch process multiple similar images to retain consistency in the most efficient way. This course also explores the unsurpassed flexibility in processing ‘camera raw’ images.

The post processing course curriculum is as follows:

1. Taking your photo image in to ACR (Adobe’s raw file converter)

1. 8 bit or 16bit – what’s the difference?

2. Basic Preferences set-up in ACR

3. White balance

4. Temperature

5. Tint

6. Lens Correction

2. The Slider Workflow; working on one of your images – what each slider does and how to apply it

1. Exposure

2. Contrast

3. Highlights

4. Shadows

5. Whites

6. Blacks

7. Clarity

8. Vibrance

9. Saturation

10. Pre-sets

3. The Tool Bar Options in ACR (Adobe’s raw file converter)

1. Targeted Adjustment Tool

2. The Crop Tool

3. Straighten Tool

4. Spot Removal

5. Adjustment Brush

6. Graduated Filter

7. Smart Objects

8. Saving the File to Photoshop

4. Opening the image in Photoshop – Adjustment Layers to give your images POP!

1. Levels

2. Curves

3. Exposure

4. Vibrance

5. Hue/Saturation

6. Black & White

7. Gradient Map

5. Polishing your Images

1. Cloning Tool

2. Patch and Healing Tools

3. Dodge & Burn

6. Selection Tools

1. Making a Selection

2. Selection Tool Options

3. Content Aware Tools

7. Finishing off

1. Noise Reduction

2. Sharpening techniques

3. Save options and resizing for different media

This course costs £50 per each 2hr session