The Advanced Course

The 'Advanced Course' consists of 12 sessions of 2 hrs each. 

This course includes 2 sessions shooting ‘professional/organised’ events (4hrs or longer) on a 1 to 1 private tuition basis.

This course is for you if you:

1. are ready to take your photography to a higher level

2. have upgraded your equipment and want to get the most from it

3. want to start earning money from your photography

4. want a foundation from which to launch a photography business

What you will learn on this course:

1. Overview and review of students camera equipment and knowledge

Test shooting, Exposure settings, Focus settings, Compensation settings, Workflow, Review of test shooting.

2. Composition

The basic rules of composition, Working the scene, The magical odd numbers, Negative space, and subject isolation, Framing, Angles and shooting positions.

3. Movement and how to photograph it

Back Button Focus – advanced manipulation, AI Servo and sensitivity settings, Focus points, Continuous shooting mode used properly, Dynamic focus point switching and manipulation, Dragging the shutter, Panning, Camera controls through the view-finder.

4. Story-telling

Journalistic & Editorial reporting, Subject isolation and DoF selection options, Scene-setting in context, Detail shots.

5. Publication assignment

Shooting for ‘Totally Bogus Weekly’ publication, Your ‘brief’, Filling and understanding the brief.

6. ND Filters

Exposure settings, Camera settings, Turning water to milk, Cloud streaming.

7. Street Photography

Social etiquette, Framing and backdrops, Remuneration, Output and ‘release forms'.

8. Off camera flash

Triggers & receivers, Angling the flash, Bounce flash, Shoot through umbrellas, Reflectors.

9. Black & White

Shooting in monochrome, Being colour blind, Tonal range, Natural HDR, and B&W processing.

10. Workflow

Professional workflow, From image to publication,  Post Processing, Processing raw images, Raw HDR, Saving raw files.

11. Event #1

Shooting ‘professional/organised’ event 1 (4hrs or longer).

12. Event #2

Shooting ‘professional/organised’ event 2 (4hrs or longer).

Each session is 2hrs long (event sessions are 4hrs +) and cost £65 per session.