Should you have a website? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If not, have a think about it for a minute.

Whilst you’re doing that, let me help you to arrive at a conclusion. There are several reasons why having a website can go beyond just having a place to display your images. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should have a website. See if any of them resonate with you:

1. You want to be taken more seriously as a photographer.

2. You want to start the journey towards a photography business (full or part-time)

3. You want accreditation to get better access to events.

4. You want to start earning a little money from your photography.

5. You want to sell those beautiful images you take.

6. You want somewhere for people to see your images that’s not social media.

7. You want somewhere to direct people to share your creativity and inspire others.

Any of those strike a chord? Well, all those goals are eminently more achievable if you have a photography website.

A photography website gives you and your work credibility. In recent months I’ve been working with several photographers who wanted to ‘take the next step’ with their photography. I’ve shown them:

1. How to design and build their own photography website.

2. How to optimise it for search engines.

3. How to create their very own brand (including their business cards).

4. How to manage and update their website giving them complete control.

5. How to market their photography through their new website.

The course is made up of 6 modules, each module is 2 hours long and can be conducted at my studio, your home or any other appropriate location.

Module 1

In-depth discussion about the direction of your photography and ‘brand’ to determine the design and build of your website. This includes a rough design layout.

Module 2

Design and Build of your website basic building blocks #1. Creating effective and efficient image galleries.

Module 3

Design and Build of your website basic building blocks #2. Creating and organising the website web pages.

Module 4

Design and Build of your website basic building blocks #3. The menus and sub menus and their links to the website's web pages.

Module 5

Polishing and optimising the website ready for Publishing.

Module 6

Promoting and marketing your website.

For clarification: I will 'hold your hand' through this whole process, leaving you with the ability to update and manage your website yourself. No need to pay ridiculous fees for set up and then additional fees everytime you want to change something or upload new images.

Each module is £95.

Ready to take the 'next step'!? Contact me today to discuss the beginning of your journey.

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